Persevere til the End

The NIV gives this title to a section of chapter 10 of Hebrews. In reality, this is a microcosm of the entire book. As I embark on a journey into Hebrews with the NAV’s Lifechange series book as my guide, the first step is to read the book in one sitting, as was likely done by the early church that received it!
This book is indeed about Jesus supremacy as many preachers and commentators have purported. However, it seems that it is rarely brought to bare the reason the author so adamantly and meticulously lays out his argument for the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ultimate superlative. Are we to tuck this information in our brain and move on? It was not intended as simply head knowledge. A quick reading of he the book of Hebrews reveals that the author uses every available method to persuade his readers that it is because of the supremacy of Christ that they should be willing to endure the hardship of every kind and do it persistently until their time on earth is over. The author utilizes comfort, encouragement, dire warnings of judgment, logic, and history to induce the readers to endure.
I once asked a counselor for veterans with PTSD what the difference, outside the societal milieu, was between the veterans of World War II and current veterans. His answer has haunted me as I look at myself, my children and others around me. It is common in our era for people to lack endurance. If it can’t be fixed in a month or six weeks, this counselor found that many of his patients would resort to suicide. They lacked whatever character it took to endure hardship longer.
Our Christian lives are much the same. Believers become disillusioned when faced with hardship, discouragement, and discomfort of various kinds.
Where do we find the gumption to endure? Why should we even bother? I suspect the deeper study into the book of Hebrews will reveal the answers to these questions in a powerful way.


Can You Plan with Littles Underfoot?

Herding cats.  Catching water with your hand.   Sometimes life with littles seems like a fair ride where you don’t know whether the next second will be joyous, exhilarating or terrifying.  And then there are those who think you can and should actually manage that ride!

Mystie Winkler and Celeste Cruz will be having a live chat on Tuesday, July 19 to help you  as you seek to plan life with the myriad of “interruptions” life with young children brings.  It’s free. Just register here. 

Organization for the executively challenged

While trying to find some tips on staying organized (I have fun getting organized, it’s staying there that challenges me), I ran across this great article for people with dyslexia on time and organizational skills.  I like how she matter-of-factly says essentially “Hey, we struggle  with this- how do we fix it”.

Her tips are helpful for many diagnosis–and for those of us who aren’t !

Discovering and Responding to Challenges

Most of us have some pretty amazing dreams and plans when it comes to our children.  And sometimes, well most of the time, things don’t turn out quite as we plan.  When  we begin to suspect our child may have a challenge of some type, or the truth is suddenly thrust into our face,it can be like be  like unexpectedly finding ourselves in a foreign land. Come listen in for the next 40 minutes as we explore this new land and begin to learn our way around this new world.


PLEASE make sure the volume on the youtube site as well as the volume on your device is up.  There have been a few who have not been able to hear it well but I have found adjusting the volume on the youtube channel to solve this. If it does not, please let me know!~

Monique Stam is a homeschool mom of 10.  In this journey she has experienced a variety of challenges.This messages was originally given to the GRACEDucators homeschool group in April of 2016 and graciously shared by one of its members who recorded it with permission  Please do not share without express permission.

This messages was originally given to the GRACEDucators homeschool group in April of 2016 and graciously shared by one of its members who recorded it with permission  Please do not share without express permission.


Helpful GENERAL Resources- Special Needs

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