It’s time to Organize school

While I’ve learned over the years that your system will change…maybe before the year is over, it’s good to have a system.  Just remember that it’s your tool, not your boss.  There are great ways of organizing a space–large or small– for home school (or anything!).  But don’t feel like you have to do it their “way”.  

Two things I learned from Julie Morgenstern in  Organizing From the Inside Out

1.  If it’s not attactive to you, you won’t use it.  So don’t buy functional stuff that you hate!

2.  If you are in a habit of laying something somewhere, it’s unlikely you will retrain yourself.  Put a basket where you normally throw your purse or wallet.  Make it work and look nice instead of trying to change a million little habits. 

That said, here is a great place to start poking around it find something that strikes your fancy or solves a nagging problem in your homeschool space/organization.

Please share your thoughts, suggestions and favorite resources!

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