Introduction to the Learning Series-Loving our Children

For some years I have played with writing about the things the Father is still teaching me.  It’s a scary thing, as most of the lessons I have not mastered.  Yet, I remember wishing an older woman would teach me anything about being a wife and mom that was pleasing to the Lord and how discouraging their reluctance to do so was.   So I have a rough draft that is very slowly being edited and if God wills will be available and some unknown future date.  But I wanted to share a selection for my introduction with you today.   

“The first newborn I ever held was mine.  A gorgeous little girl born in 1989.  Shortly after that, the Father woke me up one morning with a rebuke for this list-making, accomplishment -driven woman.   My job, He said to my heart, was no longer to conquer my to-do list.  Yes, housekeeping and meal preparation were necessities.  But the primary focus of my day was now the character development of this tiny person in  my home.

How to do this?  I prayed.  I yearned to become that mom that had a truly gentle and quiet spirit.  I listened to tapes, read books, prayed, cried and did it all over again.

At some point, I taped Titus 2:3-4 on the fridge door to read each time I opened it.  After some time of rereading it, there was an amazing, joyous revelation.  The Scripture says that older women are to “train the younger women to love their husbands and children”  Titus 2:4.  They are to train or teach the younger women to love their husbands and children!  If it could be taught, it could be learned!

Loving our husbands and children properly was not something that was innate, or that some women were born knowing while others just had to fail.  It was a skill, and ability that could actually be learned like reading!  What a blessed relief.  Now, I could get on the road to learning.”

by Monqiue Stam “Learning to Love….Our Children”.


One thought on “Introduction to the Learning Series-Loving our Children”

  1. Excellent…keep going!!! And it is a continual learning process I was just thinking about as new circumstances come our way and how we love our husbands and children in regards to those changes.
    Thanks. I look forward to more!


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