Needing to Sell or Buy used books , household goods or craft item?

The flow of things that go in and our of our home can be amazing.  And it is often not conscionable to toss them out, either for monetary or environmental reasons.   There are the traditional garage sales.  And Freecycle can be a help, though you need to be careful and of course you aren’t going to gain monetarily.  You need to be careful with Craiglist as there have been some crimes associated with them.  And ebay doesn’t quite seem to be what it used to be. 

Recently, I have discovered and greatly appreciated VarageSale.  I must say that I have found their system to be easy to use and I’ve had much better success selling there than I have anywhere else.  The site is very easy to use, but you must use pictures.  I love that you can bump your items up for more attention, and that the site is so easy to navigate!  

You can also consider donating to local group’s fundraisers.  Our local Bible Bowl team has a garage sale twice a year that pays for much of it’s expenses.

Hope this is helpful as you seek to manage your home and resources well!




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