School Room Blog Hop

It is easy to be discontent and wish your school space  looked like someone else’s space.  Instead to think about what is a source of irritation in your management of school materials and then pray as you “hop” that the Lord would show you how to overcome that issue….or there might be an idea that doesn’t quite fit, but spurs some ideas of your own.  As always, be a good steward and think “what do I have in my hand” (I think that is from Elizabeth Elliot’s mom!)  Sometimes you would be amazed!  My husband is working on something now that will solve a source of irritation.  And the White Board solution he devised came as quite a relief!

Enjoy the blog hop !  Even if you don’t have a schoolroom, there are alot of fun and useflul  things –not all the posts are about full-fledged rooms!  I don’t know how long this will be up, but I hope it’s a long time!  There are some really interesting things to look at.  


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