Schoolroom organization

Well, I had my dream schoolroom.  It looked like this–


which is pinned on my pinterest page, but I can’t find the original site.

 and this 

Project Desk in Craft Room-3.  This is a cute idea for all kinds of storage in any room.

from this page

But there were a couple of issues.

First, we discovered that putting the bookcases like that took more room when you considered seating space, and it wouldn’t work in our room -considering we needed to get 5 boys and I in there!

I had a couple of old school desks for the younger two.  The oldest is an artists, so I reclaimed a drafting table from my husband’s shop-with his permission.  But we were still two workspaces short.  More on those, perhaps, later

I found these bookcases on Craigslist quite inexpensively.  Husband then attached to the wall (cause he’s saftey concience like that!) and then finished a board.  We opened the doors that closed off the bottom shelves, and attached the board.  Now they have a desk!

schoolroomdesk2 schoolroomdeskfullview

It was a little dark, so we got these great rechargeable lights on Amazon for $9 incuding shipping

I believe it was Elizabeth Elliot’s mom who taught her to look at a problem and think “What do I have in my hand?” to fix it.  Well, most of it was in our hand (or garage) and what we needed to obtain was relatively inexpensive.  M

ore on my repositionable whiteboard and  closet coming up!


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