What is your Twenty Mile March?

The concept of the Twenty Mile March was presented to us by Christy Somerville during a Teaching Rhetoric Literature webinar.  It’s a historical event which businesses have employed with apparent success.  There were two  equally matched teams racing for the South Pole.  One teams worked hard when the weather was good, pushing themselves to the nth degree.  The other team struggled through terrible weather and difficult terrain for 20 miles a day in bad weather.  And limited themsleves to 20 miles a day in good weather so as not to overtax themselves.   Who do you think won?  The team that paced themselves.

Running a family and a homesschool has similarities, but also differences and all cannot be strictly applied.  However, I’ve been asking myself what our “twenty miles” are.  I’ve yet to come to a sense of that, and am praying that God would show us what His twenty-miles for our family is!  

But what would be yours?  Your families?  Your educational “twenty miles” for your kiddos?  

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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