Understanding is NOT Believing!

For years I have pondered why we as believers are afraid to explore some ideas, for example, in the realm of philosophy.  Or why we don’t want to hear others lines of thinking who are not believers.

It may just be fear.

We are afraid if we understand something we believe it.  That simply isn’t true.  I may understand Hinduism, and may even be able to teach on it (I can’t!) but that does not make me a Hindu.  Paul understood the day he was living in, and it’s philosophies and religions, and was therefore able to explain the gospel, day after day, holding out the Truth among learned people.( Acts 17:16-30)

Yes, we need to guard our minds.  Yes, we need to know if we are deceiving ourselves and just want to dabble in a place where we have no business personally.  We know our weaknesses.  We know what we need to avoid. And as believers, we have the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us in His Word.  It is our our desires, says James, that lead us away and we are enticed.  It is not the philosophy class.

Believing is something to trust.  You can understand something and not believe.  And you just might find yourself equipped to share the gospel to or to encourage or warn someone about to subtly slip into error, because you know what the error is!  

 Understanding is not believing.


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