music appreciation

I remember having an odd sense that classical music relates to being human in a way  that was different than the contemporary music I enjoyed.  Not that what I was listening to, was bad.  It was kind of the difference between living in a house or an apartment.  Neither is bad, just different.

This type of music, I suspected, related to a different part of my brain.  It seemed somewhat mysterious…kind of like when we are urge to “eat well” with no real idea of what “well” really means.  College was my first experience with “real” music.   The Artist Series at Wheaton College introduced me to the fun of dressing up and hearing genuine, certified “good” artists.  But I felt I was still missing something somehow, that I didn’t know how to appreciate it fully.

We can learn along with our children, whether you homeschool or not.   Gena Mayo has several, practical suggestions on how to go about educating yourself, and your children, in this mysterious and exciting aspect of life!


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