Answers to a Common Question

How do I teach my child the Bible.

The obvious answer:  Read it to him!

But do you need some help in giving him the big picture.  Here comes a Bible Survey class by the creators of Veggie Tales!

I love this resource. It talks about hard things,  It talks about hopeful things.  And never stops talking about “God’s rescue plan”.

Will you agree with everything that is said?  I hope not.  The only time that is going to happen is either it’s Scripture itself or you have made the movie!  Watch it with your children- and least the first time, and teach your young ones to “Be Berean”

And for a limited time you can get a free copy.

You just might decide that for $5 a month, access to the complete “What’s In the Bible ” series, other videos, games and more is a good investment! .


One thought on “Answers to a Common Question”

  1. Thank you! I’m always looking out for Bible resources for our children at these teachable ages. One that I am enjoying now is the Bible App for Kids. The stories are interactive for my 3 year old to enjoy after I read my devotion on the app. Then while I have Bible and prayer journal time she has the Bible story to enjoy and focus on! And she can quote a bit from it. I am impressed with how they stick to the Scriptures very well with the stories.


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