Too Many Snow Days?

In our location, we have been hit with an unusual amount of snow days!  Whether you homeschool or not, the novelty can soon wear off.  So what can you do to redeem this unexpected time away from your normal activities.

–Take some time for play, but too much unstructured time can lead to the loss of a sense of accomplishment.  I remember reading that somewhere than in World War II one of the methods used to discourage the prisoners was meaningless labor–simply moving a rock pile back and forth.

So structure your day!  You may want to use a timed day planner like this to  help you.

List the play time activities, books, movies, that chore that has been neglected, or that project that needs to be finished, cooking ahead to  be done, notes to be written, phone calls made, games/skills  that you have been wanting to teach your child, cooking or baking ahead to do?  Make a list, pray for His guidance for the plan, and plug it in!

I’ve listed a few ideas under some of the categories, but many of these are so family/age specific it would take the rest of the day to chime in our family favorites.   This will be somewhat of a work in progress and may be added to from time to time.

If you have favorites. please chime in and comment!


Call it Courage

Door in the Wall



how it works type movies,

movies from or about the time -peroid your child is studying, movies

about other countries or cultures

Some of our Favorite Non-Fiction movies

Wild China

Wild India

Planet Earth

What’s In the Bible (jelly telly)

How It Works

How It’s Made

Torchlighter series ( about missionaries/marytrs-




household maintenance and repair

writing a letter to a single, older person or missionary kid




Bible or poem memory work




under the bed

cooking ahead (meats, breads/muffins, cookies and cakes)

some thing that’s been irritating you that you just haven’t had time for!

ART /MUSIC history or hand-on

Reaching Out to Others

bake for a neighbbor, widow or single parent

write a letter to Grandma and Grandpa or Aunt and Uncle

write a missionairy or MK

Learn more about other believers and pray for them.


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