Handwriting….is it going the way of tatting and home-cooked meals?  Is it a necessity or a luxury?  Is there a  real purpose?

Personally, I have found that I write different things on the computer and by hand.  And if I really need to remember it , I write it, repeatedly.    If I have emotions to sort out, I often write it out.   And I often journal personal, spiritual things.

I love mail of all kinds-electronic and written.  But a handwritten note is definitely more like a personal gift.

Here is a great article about handwriting that inspired me to share my thoughts on this.

Here is a very interesting article that describes connections between handwriting, learning to read,  learning and remembering!



2 thoughts on “Handwriting”

  1. The second article referred to was so helpful that I shared in on fb and will keep my traditional approach of learning cursive and taking notes by hand with research-based answers to my children/teens who want to know why I’m doing something that may seem to some to be a waste of time. The difference in loss and retention of one writing type verses the other in the case of brain damage is certainly convincing! Thank you for sharing this article, Monique!


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