Child Training Boot Camp…..for Busy Moms

I have not been through this particular study, but I have benefitted a great deal from the Busy Mom Bible Studies.  Pam Foster manages to  put the Word into small bits for the Busy mom–but this is not shallow fluff.  If you are an older mom, like me, who finds herself needing a refresher, a middle mom who is so used to doing these things you have forgotten how to teach them, or a younger mom looking for guidance in Biblical child training,  I suspect this will be a a great place to start.

Did you know that children actually need to be trained?  We need to train ourselves in godliness.  Athletes need to be trained.  The guy working at McDonalds needs to be trained,  But sometimes we act as though we think it violates their personhood somehow to train our children.  Or we feel we don’t have the “right”.  But, dear moms, we not onl y have the right, but the duty to teach our children to be civil human beings—-and God-followers.

I hope we are all encouraged and helped by this.  If you think of coming back and sharing thoughts along the way, I’d love to hear what you are gleaning from this study!