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Spending Time on Purpose

Recently, most of our activities were cancelled due to an usual amount of snow for our area.  Two glorious weeks.

And I noticed that towards the end of the second week, I began to see things develop in my younger boys that I had so enjoyed in my older children.  We watched “Life on the Mississippi” to go along with our history, and two of my sons built a lego steamboat.  While we were taking books of a shelf so their daddy could paint, they discovered some literary treasures that I had previously told them were awaiting discovery.  My sons who did not normally read for pleasure picked up a stack of books to read….for fun.

It was a treat to have t-i-m-e.

Theater, basketball and Bible Bowl probably have a permanent  place in our lives.  They are things that we have determined, at least to this point, important enough to sacrifice time.

But it’s important to arrange time in the day, in the season, in the year where there are lulls. These lulls don’t need to be filled, they can be savored.  There can be time to read. 

And these decisions need to be made on purpose.  It is important to choose, to submit to the Lord and His plan for the good works He is preparing your children for and for the good works that He has for you.

There are too many things that detract us from our purpose, that disrupt our calm.  We need to have our minds ruled by His peace, and play to an audience of One.

I honestly know of no better resource to help you discern this than Marcia Somerville’s new book,  Love the Journey. This is truly not a 300 page sales-pitch, even though she also authored the wonderful curriculum, Tapestry of Grace.  You could easily read her book and know the that Tapestry of Grace is not for you.  But after reading and applying this wonderful resource, whether you are just contemplating homeschooling or a twenty-year veteran, it will help you to do what you do on purpose!


Oh, no, not another of “those” books for women!!

When I first heard the title of the new book by the woman I respect, Sally Clarkson, I was concerned. Had Mrs. Clarkson really bought into the “it’s all about me” mentality that seems to permeate “Christian” women’s “ministry”.  Own Your Life?!  I just knew that Sally knew we are not our own, we were bought with a price and our goal is to glorify God, not satisfy ourselves. I was so glad that I was intrigued enough to read the sample on Amazon. I breathed a sigh of relief that we were alike in heart and goals, and determined to order the book. Thank you!  Who else will be reading her new book?

Two exciting resources-language study and planner

We use Mango for our casual language study through our public library.  It is an amazing resource on a wide array of languages. But I was so excited to see their homeschool version.  I’m asking our library if it’s included in their subscription.  I sure hope so!

While my family knows that I’m more in the “type A” camp, but life is more, by necessity, in the Type B camp.  I’m intrigued by this new, “Type B” planner, and it has a good recommendation from Sally Clarkson, who is actually giving one away!

Needing to Sell or Buy used books , household goods or craft item?

The flow of things that go in and our of our home can be amazing.  And it is often not conscionable to toss them out, either for monetary or environmental reasons.   There are the traditional garage sales.  And Freecycle can be a help, though you need to be careful and of course you aren’t going to gain monetarily.  You need to be careful with Craiglist as there have been some crimes associated with them.  And ebay doesn’t quite seem to be what it used to be. 

Recently, I have discovered and greatly appreciated VarageSale.  I must say that I have found their system to be easy to use and I’ve had much better success selling there than I have anywhere else.  The site is very easy to use, but you must use pictures.  I love that you can bump your items up for more attention, and that the site is so easy to navigate!  

You can also consider donating to local group’s fundraisers.  Our local Bible Bowl team has a garage sale twice a year that pays for much of it’s expenses.

Hope this is helpful as you seek to manage your home and resources well!



Slave to my house or Free to Live Life

We have gotten to where we have conquered or conquering some major irritations lately.  Now to maintain. That is usually my challenge.  I don’t want to serve my house.  I want to read, hike, be with the kid, stamp, weave etc.    This was an encouraging and inspiring article.

And this one from one of my favorite ladies- who has lots of good ideas and a large family.

And this week’s NOT Back to School Blog Hop is about homeschool spaces.  Not sure how this quite works yet, so feel free to chime in and inform me.  But here is what I have!