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Handwriting….is it going the way of tatting and home-cooked meals?  Is it a necessity or a luxury?  Is there a  real purpose?

Personally, I have found that I write different things on the computer and by hand.  And if I really need to remember it , I write it, repeatedly.    If I have emotions to sort out, I often write it out.   And I often journal personal, spiritual things.

I love mail of all kinds-electronic and written.  But a handwritten note is definitely more like a personal gift.

Here is a great article about handwriting that inspired me to share my thoughts on this.

Here is a very interesting article that describes connections between handwriting, learning to read,  learning and remembering!



The Miracle of His Empowering

While we had seen evidence of God’s working in unnatural ways in the past, when our third child was born and had difficulties, I had a strong sense that this was something the Father wanted us to walk through, not around.

Though it’s not my story, this post explains it so very well.  Even if the hardship you are now facing is not a medical need, or a challenging child,  please  read this.  Even if you are cruising along pretty happily right now, someone in your life is huring, please read this.

Fun practice for spelling and grammar

I like games.  I really, really like games that teach or reinforce.  My daughter and son-in-law got me this word game for Christmas.  While we were taking turns picking categories, it occurred to me that this is alot like Mad Libs.

So this morning I pulled out an old Mad Libs and had the roll the dice to spell words for the Mad Libs.  I’m hoping to go through it, or a paragraph in a book, to pick out some of the parts of speech that are challenging the in Daily Grams, and make some fun practice out of it.

You could use this when your child is learning the days of the week, months of the year, capitals and more!  And  you get spelling too!

And while I didn’t see the price, I noticed Xoom Cubes were currently in the clearance bin at our Books A Million store!


Answers to a Common Question

How do I teach my child the Bible.

The obvious answer:  Read it to him!

But do you need some help in giving him the big picture.  Here comes a Bible Survey class by the creators of Veggie Tales!

I love this resource. It talks about hard things,  It talks about hopeful things.  And never stops talking about “God’s rescue plan”.

Will you agree with everything that is said?  I hope not.  The only time that is going to happen is either it’s Scripture itself or you have made the movie!  Watch it with your children- and least the first time, and teach your young ones to “Be Berean”

And for a limited time you can get a free copy.

You just might decide that for $5 a month, access to the complete “What’s In the Bible ” series, other videos, games and more is a good investment! .

If you even suspect your child has dyslexia, read this!

Finally.  Someone is saying what parents have  suspected for so long.

A pediatrician once told me that even when a parent cannot give you a clue about what is wrong, if they continue to suspect something, they are nearly always right.

So if you think your child just might have a struggle in reading, take a look at this.

If you give them some extra, positive attention in this area, or even get outside help and they didn’t really need it, you haven’t lost much in comparison to what would have happened if they needed help and you didn’t act.

Yep. There are all those stories–both ways.  And some of them are true.  But God made you the parent of THIS child for a reason.  Pray, trust the Father and step out!

A site for kids that is worth the money

I had played around with the idea of joining Jelly Telly most of the seven years they have been up.

“What’s in the Bible” folks (creators of Veggie Tales) have this grea dvd about Christmas in which they cover everything from why it’s celebrated on Dec 25 to what the deal is with Santa and trees.  When my sick kids wanted to watch it and our dvd was awol, I decided to check out the site.

First, the first month is free.  Then it’s a $5 monthly fee.

So what could you get for that?  There are all 20+  What’s in the Bible shows –a church history/Bible survey class for kids.  And series like Mandie, Last Chance Detectives, and Sugar Creek Gang,  as well as some other full length individual movies.  There are also games, and some of them have some really good educational/spiritual value to them!

There is also the opportunity as you watch the “What’s in the Bible” series with your kids to learn discernment, and how to look to the Word.  For instance, Phil does a great job of explaining both theistic evolution and strict creation.  He emphasizes that the main point is that God created, and that things that are not central to the gospel shouldn’t cause enmity between us, which is something I agree with.  We are all in the process of growing, and I hope next year means that your own convictions will have changed someone by Him who is bringing to you maturity.

Philippians 1:6

“being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”
Even if you disagree wtih me on this point, you will never find an in-depth series that you agree with one hundred percent, so it’s good to teach your children how to discern, and be gracious to other believers.
With all that said, I still think the series is an amazing introduction to Church History and Bible Survey!  Even with a college education, I’ve been taught a few things!

Want to try-out Tapestry of Grace…you can FREE

January is a time of new beginnings, and you can  try a full unit of Tapestry of Grace for free!   Not only that , but you can get 2 very valuable teacher training sessions for free. This is only for folks who have never purchased from Lampstand Press before.  TOG is an amazing resource, that enables the whole family to study the same time peroid at the same time,  It’s integrated, so your Church History, History, Philosophy, Literature and History all mesh.  This  curriculum enables you to actually teach your children, and learn with them instead of simply administrating a workbook.  If you or someone you know would like to talk to a trained advisor (NOT a salesperson) to help you evaluate whether this fits you and yours, please contact me and I can help you find someone near you.  If you know you are ready for a trial -ride, come and switch horses!