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Organizing Books

Whether you are a run of the mill bibliovore, or a home educator, there are few things more distressing than wondering if you really have that book or not and wondering where it is if you do have it!  Personally, I am quite thankful for the free services of,  there are other ways to organize books.

While this blog post was written for Tapestry of Grace home educators, there are many thoughts in here that will help, encourage and inspire you as well.

Now, if only those loaned items had homing devices!


Two exciting resources-language study and planner

We use Mango for our casual language study through our public library.  It is an amazing resource on a wide array of languages. But I was so excited to see their homeschool version.  I’m asking our library if it’s included in their subscription.  I sure hope so!

While my family knows that I’m more in the “type A” camp, but life is more, by necessity, in the Type B camp.  I’m intrigued by this new, “Type B” planner, and it has a good recommendation from Sally Clarkson, who is actually giving one away!

What is your Twenty Mile March?

The concept of the Twenty Mile March was presented to us by Christy Somerville during a Teaching Rhetoric Literature webinar.  It’s a historical event which businesses have employed with apparent success.  There were two  equally matched teams racing for the South Pole.  One teams worked hard when the weather was good, pushing themselves to the nth degree.  The other team struggled through terrible weather and difficult terrain for 20 miles a day in bad weather.  And limited themsleves to 20 miles a day in good weather so as not to overtax themselves.   Who do you think won?  The team that paced themselves.

Running a family and a homesschool has similarities, but also differences and all cannot be strictly applied.  However, I’ve been asking myself what our “twenty miles” are.  I’ve yet to come to a sense of that, and am praying that God would show us what His twenty-miles for our family is!  

But what would be yours?  Your families?  Your educational “twenty miles” for your kiddos?  

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


School Room Blog Hop

It is easy to be discontent and wish your school space  looked like someone else’s space.  Instead to think about what is a source of irritation in your management of school materials and then pray as you “hop” that the Lord would show you how to overcome that issue….or there might be an idea that doesn’t quite fit, but spurs some ideas of your own.  As always, be a good steward and think “what do I have in my hand” (I think that is from Elizabeth Elliot’s mom!)  Sometimes you would be amazed!  My husband is working on something now that will solve a source of irritation.  And the White Board solution he devised came as quite a relief!

Enjoy the blog hop !  Even if you don’t have a schoolroom, there are alot of fun and useflul  things –not all the posts are about full-fledged rooms!  I don’t know how long this will be up, but I hope it’s a long time!  There are some really interesting things to look at.  


Homeschool Room–the whiteboard and the closet

You know how sometimes, something that seems rather simple leaves you in a quandary!  Do I want the whiteboard horizontal or vertical?  I just couldn’t make peace with either decision. I  know, there are real problems out there, but ithat whiteboard is an important part of our life!  

My husband came up with this great solution.  I could have BOTH!  He found these nifty little hooks at Lowes.  These hooks have one part on the wall and another on the back of the board.  He arranged it so I can turn it either way.  You can see the stray vertical clips above and below the whiteboard.  He added some shims on the back to stabilize it for nicer writing.  I’m so spoiled!



To the right of the whiteboard is a closet.  It already had some customized shelving in it.  So husband added some shelves in it, with a space for each of the 4 year plans for our Tapestry of Grace Curriculum.  I stole drawers from other places in the house, and we now have some space for basic school supplies, thinking games, paper, and the like.  I also have storage for books (purple containers) for our “real” books as we finish with them this year.  As I deposit them there, I plan to make sure I have them recorded in so when we hit it again in 4 years I know what we have!  

schoolroom supply closet


Husband dear is now working on a solution as to where the younger boys can book their schoolbooks while writing on their little all-in-one old fashioned wooden elementary school desks.  Can’t wait to show you the end result.  Ok.  I can’t wait for the boys to use the end result!  But I’ll share it when it’s ready!

Schoolroom organization

Well, I had my dream schoolroom.  It looked like this–


which is pinned on my pinterest page, but I can’t find the original site.

 and this 

Project Desk in Craft Room-3.  This is a cute idea for all kinds of storage in any room.

from this page

But there were a couple of issues.

First, we discovered that putting the bookcases like that took more room when you considered seating space, and it wouldn’t work in our room -considering we needed to get 5 boys and I in there!

I had a couple of old school desks for the younger two.  The oldest is an artists, so I reclaimed a drafting table from my husband’s shop-with his permission.  But we were still two workspaces short.  More on those, perhaps, later

I found these bookcases on Craigslist quite inexpensively.  Husband then attached to the wall (cause he’s saftey concience like that!) and then finished a board.  We opened the doors that closed off the bottom shelves, and attached the board.  Now they have a desk!

schoolroomdesk2 schoolroomdeskfullview

It was a little dark, so we got these great rechargeable lights on Amazon for $9 incuding shipping

I believe it was Elizabeth Elliot’s mom who taught her to look at a problem and think “What do I have in my hand?” to fix it.  Well, most of it was in our hand (or garage) and what we needed to obtain was relatively inexpensive.  M

ore on my repositionable whiteboard and  closet coming up!