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Discovering and Responding to Challenges

Most of us have some pretty amazing dreams and plans when it comes to our children.  And sometimes, well most of the time, things don’t turn out quite as we plan.  When  we begin to suspect our child may have a challenge of some type, or the truth is suddenly thrust into our face,it can be like be  like unexpectedly finding ourselves in a foreign land. Come listen in for the next 40 minutes as we explore this new land and begin to learn our way around this new world.


PLEASE make sure the volume on the youtube site as well as the volume on your device is up.  There have been a few who have not been able to hear it well but I have found adjusting the volume on the youtube channel to solve this. If it does not, please let me know!~

Monique Stam is a homeschool mom of 10.  In this journey she has experienced a variety of challenges.This messages was originally given to the GRACEDucators homeschool group in April of 2016 and graciously shared by one of its members who recorded it with permission  Please do not share without express permission.

This messages was originally given to the GRACEDucators homeschool group in April of 2016 and graciously shared by one of its members who recorded it with permission  Please do not share without express permission.



The Miracle of His Empowering

While we had seen evidence of God’s working in unnatural ways in the past, when our third child was born and had difficulties, I had a strong sense that this was something the Father wanted us to walk through, not around.

Though it’s not my story, this post explains it so very well.  Even if the hardship you are now facing is not a medical need, or a challenging child,  please  read this.  Even if you are cruising along pretty happily right now, someone in your life is huring, please read this.

If you even suspect your child has dyslexia, read this!

Finally.  Someone is saying what parents have  suspected for so long.

A pediatrician once told me that even when a parent cannot give you a clue about what is wrong, if they continue to suspect something, they are nearly always right.

So if you think your child just might have a struggle in reading, take a look at this.

If you give them some extra, positive attention in this area, or even get outside help and they didn’t really need it, you haven’t lost much in comparison to what would have happened if they needed help and you didn’t act.

Yep. There are all those stories–both ways.  And some of them are true.  But God made you the parent of THIS child for a reason.  Pray, trust the Father and step out!

What is your Twenty Mile March?

The concept of the Twenty Mile March was presented to us by Christy Somerville during a Teaching Rhetoric Literature webinar.  It’s a historical event which businesses have employed with apparent success.  There were two  equally matched teams racing for the South Pole.  One teams worked hard when the weather was good, pushing themselves to the nth degree.  The other team struggled through terrible weather and difficult terrain for 20 miles a day in bad weather.  And limited themsleves to 20 miles a day in good weather so as not to overtax themselves.   Who do you think won?  The team that paced themselves.

Running a family and a homesschool has similarities, but also differences and all cannot be strictly applied.  However, I’ve been asking myself what our “twenty miles” are.  I’ve yet to come to a sense of that, and am praying that God would show us what His twenty-miles for our family is!  

But what would be yours?  Your families?  Your educational “twenty miles” for your kiddos?  

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Handwriting Problems

Sometimes parents are suddenly aghast at their children’s writing!  Why?
Do they complain of their hands hurting or any such thing?  They may have weak hands!  Look at the exercise  to increase their strength.  A quick google search on “hand strength”, finger strength” and a look at things on about this (see sidebar) may help.  Just a few minutes a day.
If coordination is the issue, the same as above.
Every OT we have ever worked with recommends Hand Writing Without Tears.  I avoided it for awhile.  But it is a great program.
If placement is an issue, my friend developed Bright Lines paper