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Helpful GENERAL Resources- Special Needs

Self-Care for Parents

Special Needs Parenting-Not Alone

While these books are somewhat specific, you may be able to identify with their journey

Dancing With Max by Emily Colson

Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith and My Song By Jennifer Shaw

Song- Your Child by Jennifer Shaw–view on YouTube

Soul Keeping by John Ortberg

Welcome to Holland


One of many child development charts

Learning in Spite of Labels, Joyce Herzog

All things Diane Craft!  – many items on brain development and behavior.

Making the Brain Body Connection by Sharon Promislow

Pocketful of Thearpy

Homeschool Legal Defense

Well Connected Brain seminars–good website.  Virginia Dill


So much going on?

Even if children with medical, educational or other challenges isn’t what is going on int your life, even if it’s “normal stuff” like bills and repairs and job stress,  this quote can bring you hope and grace

“Ultimately, when there is more than one child with diagnoses in a family, there is more than one way for God’s light to shine through and for His story to be told. We are fools if we miss the unparalleled opportunity to fully rely on Him, allowing His perfect power to be on display in such overwhelming weakness. Multiplying knowledge of His boundless magnificence”

Read the full, wonderful post here.

There are so many references to glorifying God in suffering., but here is one that came to mind.

One Thing I Wish I’d Done Differently

Of course, there is a million and one.

But this one can make a change.  not only in my life, but yours.  And that of those you love.  Do I sound like a Public Service Announcement yet?    I  may be.  But do tune IN for this alert!

Parents, especially of those children with challenges, are fragile people .

Resilient.  Resourceful, Relentless. YES!!

But Fragile.

We fully know that this is about the person of our child, not us.  And many seek to stay firmly planted in the background.

Years of sleeplessness, consuming crisis, and vigilance take their toll.

Then someone, out of the blue, looks us in the eyes and ask “How are you?”

And they really see.  The pain. The fear.  The w-e-a-r-i-n-e-s-s

the months, years, decades with few oases.  and so very many crying to us for water.

This song  was a watershed for me.  I listened.  and cried .  and listened again, when no one was around.  and cried healing tears.  then ordered her book like a runner grasping for Gatorade after a race. –

Dancing with Max, though her journey was different, helped to begin to heal, too.

Then there was the friend who helped me see God’s refreshing with there.  I just hadn’t been reaching for the cup very often, and when I had it was in the manner of the angry, deprived  person snatching what was meant to be freely given.    She led me to Soul Keeping.   She is watching over me, urging me to drink, the right amounts, the right time, the right way.

And I was reminded that it needs to be deliberate.  And consistent.

May you find your Living Water and the true well, whatever your journey.

Special Needs Parenting: Encouragement

It’s not an easy path.  And we usually spend all our energy -emotional and physical- caring for our special need child(ren) and others !  But here are some resources that spoke to my heart.

Jennifer Shaw’s Song  Your Child

Her Book Life Not Typical

And somehow walking through Dancing with Max was healing, even though the details of my journey are much different.

What has helped heal your heart?  What has encouraged you?