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Choosing (again and again) to Discipline

While there is evidence that over-the-top, success-driven discipline may alienate your children, and result in all sorts of issues, so does lenient or “buddy style” parenting.

God tell us if we do not love a  child we refuse to discipline.

So if you are a new parent, or one in the midst of the push to “finish well”, here is some  encouraging advice: a wonderful three- part, easily readable series on the subject!

Part One -Why we allow children to disobey

Part Two -Why teaching obedience is good for our children

Part Three– Beginning to teach obedience

and for whipped cream….

Fuel for Obedience


Large family? Need community

For a long time I have received encouragement and practical advice from Sherry Hayes‘ site–emotional, spiritual and practical.  Now she has a FB community going!  It’s fast moving and encouraging.  So no matter what you consider “large”…chat, read, pray for one another!