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Thinking Tapestry of Grace curriculum might fit your family?

Then this blog post was written for you
And if you are unhappy with what you are doing now, but not ready to take the plunge with TOG yet, the “Switiching Horses” time is coming!  In January you can try a FULL UNIT –9 weeks of TOG FREE if you have never used TOG before!
If you want to talk about the possibilities more, I’ve trained as an advisor (not a salesperson) and would enjoy visiting with you!  Please feel free to contact me privately.

Two exciting resources-language study and planner

We use Mango for our casual language study through our public library.  It is an amazing resource on a wide array of languages. But I was so excited to see their homeschool version.  I’m asking our library if it’s included in their subscription.  I sure hope so!

While my family knows that I’m more in the “type A” camp, but life is more, by necessity, in the Type B camp.  I’m intrigued by this new, “Type B” planner, and it has a good recommendation from Sally Clarkson, who is actually giving one away!