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Praying the Word and Living Love

Praying Scripture is always a good idea!  We can be pretty confident that we are asking in line with the Father’s heart when we do so!  That is why this blog post about praying for our children, and ourselves from Scripture was such a good reminder and so encouraging.

I have so appreciated Doorpost materials over the year,  And when I have been diligent to prayerfully use them, I have often seen very good fruit.

A new such resource has appeared, a neat poster on love (1 Cor 13) that helps explain these characteristics to the kids as well as ask questions to help them examine their own hearts.  Interesting enough, it’s a passage that I have urged on my children more than once lately!

And remember those in-depth Studies I mentioned earlier?  There is one  on 1 Corinthians 13.  You ca go through their blog day by day or order it in book form.  They are $8 for a physical book and $6 for a download.

May the Lord enable you as  you live for him and seek to raise your children for Him.